Five Types of Guys Girls Go Nuts for

It’s a myth that chicks only date guys with money. You don’t need to be rolling in it to get the babes to climb all over you. Sure, dudes with cash tend to have their choice of the very hottest babes in the bar, we know that. However, we are not rolling in cash and if you’re reading this we’re going to assume that you are also not exactly a Kosh brother either.

Don’t worry, since we’re not that dude that can buy everyone and their brother a drink at the bar, we found out five other types of dudes that the girls go nuts for. We’ve employed these personas at the bar and on the personal sites for dating babes. One of the best things you can have going for you is that chicks are “claw each other’s eyes out” competitive. So all you need to do is have one or two banging babes interested to open the flood gates.

The Laid Back Guy

“Girls really like a guy who helps them to relax”

“Girls really like a guy who helps them to relax”

Chicks feel a LOT of pressure in their day to day. This is true online and on the sites they use for personal dating. They say that they’re bombarded with dudes who just want to cuss them out, call them names, and then get angry when that doesn’t do it for them. They’re like us in a lot of ways; feeling pressure to perform tends to give them stage fright. When they’re uncomfortable they back out and don’t call or email back.

The way to make sure that you’re not one of those guys it to approach dating with a laid back approach. Email a chick and wait a week or so to see if she responds. If she doesn’t, no big deal, you have other babes to talk to. Making sure that a lady knows that you’re not going to go off the deep end is really important to making her feel comfortable.

Chicks feel like they have the option of saying no to a laid back dude. They feel like they’re safe to say “I don’t want to tonight” or “I’m not in the mood”. This actually makes them more likely to be in the mood! Shocked us too, but it makes sense. If you’re feeling like you’re expected to do something and will get yelled at if you don’t, you’re less likely to enjoy that task. Moreover, a chick that feels like she can tell you no will also feel like she can tell you her secret kinks.

The Smooth Guy

“Who’s smoother than Ryan Gosling? – be like him”

“Who’s smoother than Ryan Gosling? – be like him”

Smooth equals smarmy. That is the most important thing that you need to have branded in your brain. Tone is difficult to portray if you’re online, that’s why a lot of dudes come off as self-absorbed on the personal sites they use for dating. We think we’re just talking ourselves up, but in reality we sound arrogant. The way to get around this is to realize what smooth actually is.

A smooth dude is one that compliments a woman’s brain, her voice, or something not physical. He’s a guy who talks about what he can do for her without making her feel like he’s taking over. When you approach a chick you should always tell her that you noticed her, ask to talk to her. Be engaged with her. Smooth really just means “interested in pleasing a woman and acting like it”.

The Fun Guy

“A funny guy can always cheer a girl up”

“A funny guy can always cheer a girl up”

Babes, young ones in particular, love that “fun guy”. He’s always good for a night out or a lay, but not for a relationship. That suits us just fine. Here are a few notes on becoming the fun guy on your dating personals profile especially if you want to use that angle for dating.

First and foremost, fun does not mean random. It means a dude that likes to go out and just live life. The best way to come off as the fun guy in your profile is to mention going out with your friends and hanging out. Talk about the best experience of your life on your profile and make it hanging out late at night with a tight crew of people. Talk about how much you love experiences and how you’re dying to take a lady along with you for the ride.

Be warned that you’re more likely to attract those banging hot coeds who don’t want a steady man (tragic, we know) with this kind of profile. Men who are looking for long time love need to be steady and established. Fun dudes need to just be that.

The Crazy Guy

“It’s really hard to be – don’t attempt it if you are not sure”

“It’s really hard to be – don’t attempt it if you are not sure”

This one is probably the hardest one to pull off for a lot of reasons. See, the crazy guy is not the fun guy, not totally. You’re going to have to have a little more of a wild streak to pull this one off. Talk about how you like to randomly show up at your date’s door to just take off for a few days on a Wednesday. Crazy dudes have no respect for authority and they like to flaunt that whenever possible.

What kinds of chicks are attracted to this? Rich babes with no jobs who want to piss off daddy, that’s what kind. The very best thing about girls who want to make their daddy livid is that they love to pick up the tab. Being a crazy dude requires a lot of funds or a low standard of living since they like to up and go at the drop of a hat. If you can find a babe who is willing to pick up the bill, then more power to you!

These sorts of dates rarely last more than a month or two at the most, but that’s sort of what you’re going for. If you really play your cards right with this kind of date she can give you a back story for putting on a new persona of “the Tragic Guy”.

The Tragic Guy

“Girls love this one – She loves to fix things”

“Girls love this one – She loves to fix things”

Women like to take care of things. Every single one of them has a strong “motherly” instinct. That means that you’re going to want to play on her heart strings and get her interested in taking care of you. You don’t think that this will work? We were talking about why a group of chicks liked a certain actor. The quote that she told us was this: “he’s just so sad looking. When he gives those puppy dog eyes I want to comfort him with my vagina”.

Yeah. Go practice those sad eyes.

Coming off as tragic doesn’t mean that you pile it on like a soap opera. Instead what you need to do is allude to an event that happened in the past. “I’m recovering from some stuff that happened when I was younger and stupid” is a good way to start off. Don’t worry about saying, what it is exactly when you fill out your dating profile, for personal sites to work best you need a little mystery. Also, make sure that you are not creating your profile on scam dating websites. Find out the best sites for posting adult personals and make your profile on one of these personals sites for dating. Talk about how you’re working through things and how proud you are of your recovery. That will bring the women running in to cheer you on and hold you up – and hopefully comfort you in the meantime.

Does Sex Dating Really Work?

Have you been wishing there was a way to meet lots of women for casual sex that was faster and more effective than hanging out in bars? There are a lot of misconceptions about sites geared towards sex dating, and if you’ve bought into these generalizations, you’re shortchanging yourself. If you think that all sex dating sites are scams, or that the only women you’ll meet on them are looking for sex online because they are fat, ugly, and desperate, think again. While of course all of these things are sometimes true, there are also a lot of legit sites with real, attractive women who aren’t desperate, they’re just choosing the easiest way to meet a lot of guys for casual sex quickly.

Does Sex Dating Really Work-2

how to go about finding the best sex site

Finding the Best Sex Site for Casual Encounters

If you’re wondering about how to go about finding the best sex site for casual encounters, it’s always better to go with a well-established site that has a great reputation. The best place to start in on a top list, there you can find rankings and user reviews. When you are looking for flings, you will greatly increase your chances by choosing only the best sex site with a proven track record to connect you with real women who are looking for guys just like you. The trick to finding the best sex sites< is to look for a large member base, a good ratio of women to men, and one that isn’t flooded with fake profiles (which are easy to spot with a little bit of practice).

I Thought Only Losers Pay to Meet Women

One of the reasons that so many dudes reject the idea of using sex dating websites is because of the membership fees. It seems to be a point of shame for many guys that they would have to shell out money in order to meet women to hookup with. This logic is totally flawed. The truth is, if you’re going out hoping to meet women, you are already doing the same thing, and probably paying a lot more for very little in return! We don’t tend to think of it in the same way, but if every weekend you pay to get into nightclubs, then buy a couple of drinks, chances are high that you are paying more in a single night than you would for a month of membership on a sex dating site. Is it worth it? How many of those nights on the town actually end with you hooking up with a good looking woman for a good time? If you are a regular Casa Nova and it’s working for you and you’ve got a booty call list a mile long from your nights in bars, then by all means continue. If that’s not the case, why are you still spending money on something that doesn’t work when there’s an easier way?

Does Sex Dating Really Work-1

Find Friends with Benefits

Sex Dating Can help You Find Friends with Benefits

The good news is that when you use the right sex dating sites, you can find friends with benefits quickly and without a lot of effort. You can register and start setting up a profile in less time than it would take you to stand in line to get into a busy nightclub. (Learn Exactly what it means to be friends with benefits) Casual dating, hookup or sex dating sites no matter what you call them they make it easy to find friends with benefits through simple profile set-ups and access to a large number of women all contained in one place. Set aside a couple of hours to come up with a killer profile and to scan the ads for women you find appealing. In no time, you’ll find friends with benefits in your area who are as eager to meet up for fantastic sex as you are. Go Here to learn how to find them. Just think, no more wasted nights of hanging out in boring clubs, talking to drunk women you don’t find attractive in the hopes of getting laid. This is far desperate. It’s just smart.

Sex Dating Sites Work if You Do

The bottom line is that good sex dating sites will work for you, provided that you put some time and effort into it. Unless you’re Brad Pitt, women aren’t going to just start magically throwing themselves at you anywhere. But with a killer profile, great pictures, and taking the time to write decent messages when you first contact women online about casual sex, you are going to get laid. Sex dating, like everything else in life, tends to give us what we give. Your sex life is probably important to you, so you should treat it like it matters. If you’re not sure where to begin, study up. It doesn’t take long to figure out how to use these sites to your advantage, and when you start meeting women in your area and having more sex than you’ve had in years, it will be worth every minute you spent to get that perfect profile picture or practicing writing introductory emails.

3 Wonderful Appliances For Your Home

Companies that manufacture home appliances have continued to create models that are sustainable and energy efficient. Of course, these appliances also have domestic designs and impressive performance. We know that appliances will continue to evolve until we end up with a techie home. As for now, let us take a look at 3 new appliances that can bring a lot of difference to your abode.

LCD Fridge

The first smart fridge from Samsung was revealed last year. It featured an LCD screen that was eight-inch wide and even had apps. People who had the fridge could check temperature, notes, Twitter, photos, and a couple more apps on the ref’s door.

Some people think that the fridge was way too much for use at home. There were also others who loved the appliance especially the techie ones.

How to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient Without Breaking the Bank

How to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient Without Breaking the Bank

The smart fridge from Samsung is energy efficient and Energy Star rated. If you do not close the fridge door for quite some time, an alarm will go off. It also has a Twin Cooling Plus system that keeps food fresh for a longer period of time compared to your conventional fridge. Its LED lighting also produces lesser heat than traditional lights.

Portable Washers and Dryers

Washers and dryers are now portable. This is perfect when space is an issue. You simply need to use your hand and foot when using the appliance. It uses 90 percent less water than your typical washer and dryer. On the other hand, using a full-sized washing machine requires a lot of water. Also, energy needed to operate it is very minimal.

Moreover, spin dryers are much energy-efficient compared to regular dryers. They spin faster than your conventional dryer and you only need to wait 3 minutes for one cycle to be completed.

Smart Dishwasher

A smart dishwasher is a great choice that allows you to finish everything in just 23 minutes. The quick cycle means that it uses lesser energy than your conventional dishwasher. Although the appliance is a bit expensive, these dishwashers are definitely worth every cent. It is LED illuminated and tiers can be adjusted. There are even a couple of models that allow you to connect to Wi-Fi. Newer models are more efficient than older ones. You can also find different cleaning settings that enable you to save water and energy.

The smart dishwasher is truly intelligent and can monitor the mineral content of the rinse water. It also monitors water temperature, air flow, and the cycle’s intensity all throughout the session. Some models likewise have the ability to adjust to humidity as well as to room temperature.

How to Choose the Perfect Dishwasher for your Home

How to Choose the Perfect Dishwasher for your Home

Although these appliances typically cost more than your conventional appliances, it won’t take long before you get the cost difference through energy savings.  

Love and Dating in Your 40’s: Advices to Follow

If you’ve recently gone out of marriage or is still not married but are in your 40’s, it could be that you are considering dating once again. Being in that age is a game changer; things are different than you were in your 20’s. Your choices in life have become more definite due to the many lessons you have learned along the way. You see love and life in a different eye now, mostly for the better. That is why relationships that blossom at this age in life is more fulfilling and meaningful – you give more value to it and try your best to work things out when there’s trouble up ahead.

To meet an equally “mature” individual, you need to set some record straight: your choices and expectations and what they mean to you. Here are some advices that can help set you up for a more mature dating and help get things done right the first time.

1. Maintain your identity. You are who you are; your attractive qualities along with your flaws are all part of a package deal. Accept this about yourself. If you won’t, you cannot expect others to accept you as well. Find the best thing about you that people like; don’t try to be “someone else” – it’s a tough act to put on. It would be good to know that if someone liked you for who you are, then that someone may be worth your time and attention.

Love Online Dating

Love Online Dating

2. Do not sabotage your progress. This refers to your past mistakes that must have brought you to the end of your marriage or a relationship. Being out of a relationship that no longer works well for both of you is a sign of progress in itself. While you move forward, take with you the lessons you’ve learned from the mistakes you’ve committed. Do not be hasty in making decisions and exercise caution by weighing your options well.

3. Paint the picture of your ideal man. This should not be about a superficial dream of a “knight in shining armor”, but about a man that should make you feel loved and appreciated. Know what’s important to you as a woman, and look for the kind of man that will fill that need.

4. Take your time. You’ve probably waited long enough to date again and it’s possible that the next prospect that comes along might feel like a good catch that you need to act on quickly. You know better than that; let time be your friend and stick to the plan of waiting for the right one before taking the relationship plunge once again.

Dating in the relationship parlance is a meeting of two people of the opposite sex for the purpose of knowing if they can strike deeper relationships such as courtship and marriage

Dating in the relationship parlance is a meeting of two people of the opposite sex for the purpose of knowing if they can strike deeper relationships such as courtship and marriage

5. Remember, it’s not always about you. This simply means that while your feelings, needs and wants are important, you also need to be considerate of other’s feelings. Don’t assume that the person that wants to date you is just after for a fun night out or some casual sex. If this person is also in his 40’s or 50’s then it’s possible that you share the same sentiments in life.

Ways To Detox And Clean Your Body From Harmful Toxins

Studies have shown that our lifestyle and our diet have caused toxins to enter our body. These toxins will become accumulated and when it reaches critical level, this can become the source of various ailments and diseases. It is important therefore to regularly cleanse the body and do some detoxification so that you can keep the toxin levels in the body in check. Here are easy ways to detoxify your body so you can get rid of harmful text.

Drink plenty of water – drinking enough glasses of water can work wonders for everyone. When your body is hydrated, you won’t experience getting cramps. When you drink plenty of water, the digestive system and circulatory improves, and helps the body get rid of waste efficiently. Toxins and other harmful substances are quickly flushed out of the body.

Go natural in everything – be it food or the materials that you use everyday, always see to it that it is natural. Processed food is no longer a healthy option because it has a lot of preservatives that have negative effects to the body. This will not be felt at once but studies have shown that eating too much processed food can lead to cancer and other diseases. This is also true for the materials that we use everyday. Make sure you buy only mosquito repellent, cleaners, detergents and soap that have natural ingredients. This will have a better effect and protects the body from harmful toxins.

Tips To Live a Healthier Life

Tips To Live a Healthier Life

Eat local – local fruits and vegetables are great sources of vitamins because if they are local they take less processing and assured of its freshness and taste. Anything that is not local has been transported for many miles and you can no longer be assured of nutritional value and freshness. Once food is transported expect that it has gone through processing and might be subjected to preservatives to retain its freshness.

Go to sauna regularly – The heat coming from the sauna increases the temperature in your core which causes you to sweat and get rid of toxins through the skin. Raising the temperature in your body can improve circulation and can even kill some harmful microorganisms. By improving circulation, your body relaxes and is a great way to relieve stress. Just remember to take a cold glass of water before and after your session to replenish the lost fluid.

Health Tips to Live a Healthy Life - Health is a Very Important Factor in Our Life. We Should Not Ignore It Even a Little Bi

Health Tips to Live a Healthy Life – Health is a Very Important Factor in Our Life. We Should Not Ignore It Even a Little Bi

Stop smoking – although this is easier said than done, smoking is one of the easiest ways for toxins to enter our body. If you think the detoxifying is significant health issue, you might as well quit smoking as soon as possible. A single cigarette contains thousand of toxic compounds which include arsenic, ammonia and formaldehyde. By quitting smoking, you help your body get rid of toxins and also help other people who don’t smoke.

If you want a longer life, it will start on your decision to live a healthy life. Getting sick is not an option in this fast-paced generation. Don’t wait for the time that you will get sick before you try to live a healthy life. Make it a point to detoxify your body and you will surely have a happy and healthy life ahead of you.

How Super Moms Do the Budgeting

Gas isn’t the only commodity that has been on inflation these days. Even materials like cotton are also on the rise. No matter how you try to live in the most niggardly way you find it still impossible to make both ends meet. This is especially true for moms out there who usually do the budgeting for the entire family. You might wonder how those moms, with modest incomes and a bunch of bills and commodities to shell out for, are still able to set aside a few dollars for their savings. Is budgeting for your family a dilemma? Find out how super moms do the trick!

Deliberately Do the Grocery Shopping

Cutting costs on grocery doesn’t imply that you’re going to deprive your family of decent foods. This just means that you’re only going to shop for stuffs which are no longer available in the cupboard. Most moms have the tendency to shop more than what the family needs. Try to go through the expiry dates of the goods, those with longer shelf life can be kept and only toss those which can no longer be recycled. This way you’ll be able to save up a few dollars by buying only those not available at home.

Patronize Homemade Goodies

Another budgeting secret of super mommies is that they usually go for homemade stuff. For instance, they make their own bread or bake cake from scratch. Most moms may just disregard this tip but this can actually help save up to $80 dollars on your monthly budget. This would also help ensure that you’re feeding the kids, as well as the hubby, only with healthy stuffs. It’s also quite a rut for some families to out and dine fancily which just adds up to the expenses.

You Trying to be A SUPER MOM

You Trying to be A SUPER MOM

Cut Cost on Phone Bills

Greater portion of the family expenses may come from the increasing phone bills especially for those who subscribe to postpaid plans. Super moms, on the other hand, opt for prepaid plans so they can scrupulously keep track how much they’re already spending for calls and text messages. This would keep one from thoughtlessly making unnecessary calls and texts because these will be deducted from the account and you need to replenish it to enjoy the aforementioned.

Consider a Multi-Generation Abode

It’s quite unlikely for Americans to live under the same roof with their parents or grandparents. Nonetheless, with the concurrent plunge in the housing industry, some families have considered living in a multi-generation home. This is particularly true if you spend more on your mortgages. Not will this only help you cut costs on housing expenditures but this will also keep the family closely knitted and additional hands would be able to help you on the chores as well as look after the kids.

Housing Market Recovering with Record Low Mortgage Rates

Housing Market Recovering with Record Low Mortgage Rates

Are you among those moms having trouble in doing the household budget? Then why do you not consider these budgeting tips that super moms employ. You’ll just be surprised how much you can save up in a month’s budget.

A Guide To Becoming an Online Marketing Entrepreneur

If you are already an entrepreneur doing business “on ground” chances are you want to extend your business online, if not just to solicit prospective clients from there. Countless online entrepreneurs are attesting to the effectiveness and profitability of online businesses. However, this doesn’t come too easy; like any kind of business, this one too comes with the best business acumen. It’s not like how the lame would put it: think of product or service, set-up a website and social media and off your business goes. It is unlike that in the real world unless you want to waste valuable time.

When you are dealing with a business, online or offline, it’s important that your business prospers – otherwise, what’s the point of all your trouble. But profitability is the by product of all business efforts put together like your system of operation, the tools you use, the marketing activities you do and the metrics that say you’re doing well. Without these in their proper places in your business, profitability will be hard to come by.

The popularity of engaging in online business stems from the various unconventional methods yet effective ways of marketing your business. Unlike doing business offline where you market ala-blind archery most of the time, with online marketing you are able to segment and communicate with your target market even at the initial stages of your business. The result: converting these prospective customers becomes more effective.

The Benefits Of Online Marketing Services

The Benefits Of Online Marketing Services

Here are the key steps on properly developing an online business:

1. Determine your business’ strength and weaknesses. Knowing your business limitations will help determine the size of online marketing you will create later on. Intellectually speaking, it makes no sense marketing to a wide range of market if you’re unable to meet their demand because you are initially a “one-man-show”. Find your strengths first and match that with just the right size of target market and slowly move up when your business is already starting to grow.

2. Create a tangible product. Online products and service only bank on a “promise” of experience, unlike with a product that is entirely tangible that you can actually touch, feel or try on. While this may post a challenge among online sellers and for the very same reason delay an online buyers to make a purchase, you need to come up with ways to “paint a picture” of this product or service to the minds of your buyers so that the intangible now becomes tangible.

Exclusive Tips for Marketing Your Business Online

Exclusive Tips for Marketing Your Business Online

3. Create a smooth flow of e-commerce system. Simply put, create a good step by step process of successful online transaction from placing orders to product or service delivery. This system will set the proper pace of your online business making it professional in all sense, providing your customers confidence to do business with you.

4. Decide on how to reach your customers. The countless online marketing platforms available may actually leave you overwhelmed than overjoyed. Properly identifying your target customers will help you in determining what online marketing platforms to choose from and stay on it till you’ve build your online community to communicate with them directly.